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"This is a practical course for learning the key tools it takes to be an effective marketing leader. You will learn from world-class experts and a group of like-minded peers."

Matias Ketonen

Head of Growth Marketing

How to collaborate cross-functionally
Set a clear mission, influence and align with sales and product departments to achieve company-wide goals.

How to recruit and lead remote teams
Improve your reporting structure and maintain collaboration with teams in different geographies.

How to optimize from strategy to execution
Improve the way you plan and execute throughout the entire organization.

Improve the way you work

Marketing and growth leaders need an operating system.

Sprints, MVPs, alignment, OKRs... You are doing some of these, but like many, aren’t thrilled by the results so far. That’s because you are thinking of them as disconnected concepts.

The highest performing marketing and growth teams are accelerating execution speed, reducing waste, and increasing their impact by having understood how these five pillars

Connect together as a system

Intensive 5-week online Masterclass

Learn, apply and interact with a network of like-minded leaders and experts.